Voxer App Review

Hearing the name of this app again, I feel compelled to write my review of it. Voxer advertises itself as "better than just texting". The idea is that Voxer acts like a walkie talkie with its voice component.

I first heard of this app last year at the ISTE conference. I too was first taken in by the "fun" idea. It however didn't take me long to learn of a potential issue. Sitting in the first rows of a session, I found myself beside a lady "voxer". As the session filled and even started, she received some Voxer messages (voice). The trouble was that she didn't know how to control the app well and it resulted in several surrounding attendees hearing her messages more than the session's leaders. She did finally put her device away. I don't know that I have ever been so uncomfortable in a session with her device/app issues and having a person behind me speaking loudly about the irritating issue. It was rude and distracting.

The app resurfaced this last week at a conference and was again the "buzz". An attendee in a session (before it started) was trying to record something this time. It came across like someone taking a phone call or taking on the phone. It seemed rude and out of place.

Voxer may be a fun app. I'm not sure that I see classroom application...certainly see lots of other apps/tools that I would use over it. I'd caution those using it to remember general etiquette and make sure that you test it out privately first.


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