Ha, Ha

I think myself techie, at least when it comes to knowing about educational technology. So, when I ask one of our IT department dudes (one of the student workers) to put a program on my computer and received a small laugh....

For my one and only computer, my WORK computer, to allow for any downloaded programs, etc. we have to go to our tech guys. So, I did what I was suppose to do and went to them. Already pre-saved on my desktop (I have learned this time saver), I waltzed myself into the office to make my request. Sometimes they ask what it is (I suppose the rest of the time they know) and this was one of those days.

To the question, I answered "it is to create games". And would you believe that I heard a snicker?! A SNICKER! Which what I read into it was...what do you need a game creator for!

So to this "unbeliever", I felt the need to enlighten him to my abilities. I am techie I told him. I am branching out, I told him. I have the t-shirt (Info Tech t-shirt...from working on the web), I told him. Oh, I told him! :)

Truth is....this is new to me. I am branching into uncharted territory with this. I would not have even considered it prior to my last conference. I am learning that I need to check things out, try them, and see for myself the value that I can or cannot find in it. And who knows....maybe I will be the next big educational game maker! Or at least I will have learned a little more about using games with teaching and learning....HA!


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