I had not been very excited about summer yet. I do not like the change in schedule...I like schedules and routine. However, now that we are settling into somewhat of a new schedule and we are surviving each other :).....and I have noticed that I have more time to "play" with technology...I am ok with summer being here.

Taking advantage of the summer "freedom", I started with the Gmail account and all of the Diigo emails that let me know that there have been Diigo in Education postings. I like to at least scan these emails to see if there might be a great resource that I need to bookmark for later. Having been busy I only had 20 or so (that have multiple links each). I can check that off the list! However, as soon as I did check it off, there was another weekly email.

Next I have been wanting to figure out Prezi. I have heard a lot about this tool and try as I may, could not get it. At first I wanted to figure it out on my own, but now realize that the tutorials are there for a reason :) So I have successfully completed all the tutorials and am ready to begin. Check off tutorials...Add make a Prezi. Add make a blog about the Prezi :)

Item to be checked off the list is creating a class wiki. New to this years Instructional Media and Tech class (fall) is a group wiki project. I am sure that this project will continue to evolve, but this is a start. Right now it is a place to share resources (articles, links, etc), hold discussion and learn about wikis. I am excited to try this out. Students will be required to post resources throughout the semester and participate in weekly discussions. I am hoping that this will be a way to pull in the Christian worldview both in discussion and some resources.

Another additional item to the list....catching up on Google Reader. Only 700 some feeds to go through and possibly some "starred" items that I didn't have time to bookmark. That could possibly take all summer! Again there are some great resources in there and just can't quite "let them go". I have found lots of resources that I use for class in these feeds and (Diigo) postings.

I don't know quite where to start and the list does not end there. I also need to add prepping for classes, updating my webpage, weekly (maybe) blogging, etc. No matter where I start...I am just going to use summer and I am going to be techie!


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