Mimio Tools

We have new technology toys....I mean devices to use this year. We were able to purchase the Mimio Teach, Capture and Pad.

I had pulled them all out of the boxes, but today I plugged the Mimio Teach in and gave it a try. I LOVE this tool! The Mimio Teach is a small bar that will magnetically attach itself to an existing whiteboard. It also comes with additional magnets that could be attached to a wall or other surface. I really like the portability of the device. Our previous board is just that....a board on wheels. It is huge and not easily moved. This bar will allow us to move it from room to room or even take it on the road.

The Teach "bar" comes with the stylus pen and a usb connector. The usb connector is great and takes away the extra cord that our other board has. Another big difference is the ease of calibration.

The Mimio Pad (pictured below) is another one of our purchases. I had previously used this device while presenting at a conference last year. I mainly just used it as a "remote" to change my slides. However, I did make use of some selections using the pen.
MimioPadThis tool also comes with the usb connector. However, this one takes some practice using it (thus why I did not use it to its fullest potential). Coordinating the on-screen action with the pen-on-pad just comes with using the pad.

The last tool that we purchased and that needs to be tried out is the Mimio Capture.
This device connects to the Teach bar and is meant to "capture" what you write/draw. Again this a magnetic hold to an exciting board. The pens shown in the picture contain an actual whiteboard marker within.

I can't wait to put these tools to use this year! It is going to be difficult to "settle" for using our other board. I really like what Mimio offers and the price wasn't too bad either!


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