Pin It!

I just recently read a blog post about using Pinterest for educational purposes. I have seen and heard about Pinterest use, but really had not seen any reason for me to pursue it. However, if someone says that there is a use for education, then that is enough for me to check into it.

So, I applied for an invitation. Within a week, I had my invitation and was creating my account and planning my "board". I added the "pin it" tool to my favorites bar. That was all for that day's adventures.

Then I started to receive email notices that different people (mostly Facebook friends) were following my pins. Oh, cool was my first thought and then oh, my was the I did not have anything to "follow" (except a blank board).

Enter today's adventure with the intention of learning how to "pin".

Off to Pinterest website and login. Wow! Lots of other peoples pins are there are also organized by categories. So to narrow my search I sorted by technology. There were some cool pins out there! Ok, so when you look at a picture you have the option to "repin". Clicking "repin" allows for you to save the pin on your board (and gives credit to the previous pinner). This was a good starting point for me. I added a board and some pins to get things rolling.

Now that I have started to get the hang of this, the next step is to connect it educationally. I am thinking about starting a board that showcases all of the sites that I actively use first and then find a way to collect resources for a class after that.

Oh, how I like to explore technology!


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