I have had on my mind that I would like to find out what there is for evaluating technology.

I know that there are good evaluations tools for websites. One of my favorites to use with my college students is the C.R.A.P. test. The acronym is fun and gets there attention. It is also fun to see how they turn it in to me! I have had some say "here is your crap" :)....that is the one and only time that I allow this type of talk :) But it also covers the basics of evaluating websites: Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose/Point of View. One example is linked here. Kathy Schrock has her "Guide to Everything" and included in some of her resources you can find lots of different evaluation tools. See here.

iPad Apps
I have also begun to see some efforts for evaluating iPad Apps. Here is a great time that enlists the help of other educators in reviewing apps. Also again our friend Kathy has a great resource that even organizes them with Blooms Taxonomy.

Web 2.0 tools
I see lots of links to helpful sites. However, I am not seeing a tool....do you know of one? If you do please share it with me! This is where I believe that I would like to start. Not only evaluating it for educational application, but also on content. Content meaning that there is an evaluation of the characters used, items seen on the page, etc. Here is an example:

This is a really fun site that you can make any picture "talk". The issue that I have seen with it is in the added Blabberize Tweets that is shown in the lower left corner. Anything goes here with those that are using the hash tag of #blabberize. So if a person uses language that is inappropriate, it shows here. To avoid this issue, I would have your students avoid this front page and go directly to the make page (www.blabberize.com/make).

So that is what I have in my mind to do. Now where to do it....here or a specific spot. Do I use a wiki, blog, or other. I have an Edublog account and am toying with the idea of starting there. 

I will post a link once I make that decision! 


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