New Year's Realization

I was struck today with a New Year's realization...not resolution :)

We are at the end of Christmas break and all that that means. Oh, you know with kids! We are at the point that we are almost wanting our routines. The kids are not liking each other or being around each other quite as much. The newness of the new toys is starting to wear off (seems quicker every year). And we just do not know what to do!

Being the techie person that I am, I do allow them to play with their tech toys. Which this year each received new DS games. There is also time to computer and their favorite Webkinz website (that we had to purchase a new toy so that we could continue to use the site). Of course, also on the list is the beloved TV and all of the 15 or so channels. But, I just cannot allow them to do this as much as they want or maybe I want even.

Because there is a little dirty secret attached to letting them play with their techie frees me. Have you ever noticed just how busy, "into"...consumed they can be with those? I do not have to referee (except time limits I choose to set), or change clothing (of dolls, Polly pockets, princesses, etc) or .....

They can be busy for hours! It is the easy solution. But that is just it....

It is an easy solution. One that requires nothing of me. I can be relieved of my "parenting duties" for as much time as I allow them to play on the device. And that is where it hit me!

It hit me as we were trying to fill time. They had played all the devices and needed something else to do.  The after dinner, before tv/snack time, end of the day, I am getting tired of everything...time. I came up with a new game. A game that had nothing to do with anything technology. We call it bowl ball.

It reminds me of something that Bozo the clown had on his show many years ago. Although I think that he had his contestants use a ping pong ball and I am sure there was some prize that was won. Here there is a new use for my mixing bowls and a hacky-sack. The prize is having fun :) Yes, we keep score. Each bowl has it's own point value from 5 to 30 points. Once we reach 100 we call it a game and start again. Bonus for the older child is that they are having a fun way to work on their math skills with adding points.

So there it is. The realization that technology has its place and the need for balance...even or especially at home. The realization that we all need to "unplug" and enjoy fun made up games.


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