Sock Puppets!

This is a follow up to my previous post covering the differences between the apps of SockPuppets and the other one :). As I stated, I prefer SockPuppets. Last week I decided to "mix" things up in my class and introduce SockPuppets to my Science Methods class.

As I write this I am kicking myself that I did not video them exploring this app! It was priceless! From the minute that I showed the app projected for the whole class, to the group work there was excited laughter.

I first gave them a very basic "how-to" choose each item and recording audio with the characters. I have a small class to six and decided (because of lack of devices) to split them into two groups of three. Each group was to give an overview of part of the previously assigned reading material for that day. The groups got to work making their scripts (I told them to make sure that they knew what to say or the recording would not go well).

Once the recording began, we ran into our first problem.....the app only allows for 30 seconds of recording!  That I had not realized or planned for! Of course you can purchase 90 second recording ability, but for today we had to readjust. I had the students record what they could and then save. In the end we had three "parts" each and just played each part for the class.

Here is one example:

This group really explored the app. They changed the settings of the voices. In fact, they changed it so much that in the end one of the characters is not understandable. I would caution other users of this same fact! The voices do become "distorted" for the fun of the characters, however, it can become so distorted that the voice does not work for the intended purpose.

I explained to them that if they had wanted to put all of these parts/clips together, we could upload them all to YouTube and edit them together. No one jumped up for more work, but here is what one of the examples became edited using the YouTube editor that I put together.

video link

This is one way to get around the 30 second limit!

Next post I plan to cover "how-to" for this process....


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