Summer Break?

I really am not convinced that summer break is really a break...for me.

I am getting a break from the day to day grind of teaching and planning for classes. I am thankful for that needed and good break. However, I now have the job of keeping my children "busy". It is a job that I am thankful only is a summer job! We are ending the first week of "break" and I am exhausted!

Intex 8.6' x 5.75' x 1.8 Swim Center Family Inflatable PoolThankfully our "family pool" is up! This seems to be the one place that the girls will play happily with out yelling at each other. We all cool off and not just because of the water :)

All will be good until the bees, wasps, and misquotes find that their pools is also a nice place to hang out!
Ah, summer!

Next week also marks the beginning of tennis camp! Something else to fill an hour or two!! Actually, this is a great think for all of us! The girls both can participate and really enjoy playing! I so far have only played scoffer...but might see if I can get involved also. For hubby, this is a major source of income over the summer.

Along with keeping peace at the house, I am preparing for my new job as library/media teacher (part time) at Elyria Christian School. I have been making some trips to try to orient myself to the new world of librarianship. Honestly, I have no idea how to decide where the new books need to go! The new plan is to take my computer to connect to the internet so that I can look up some advice :).

No....I just do not see the break in summer break....but that is just life as a mom!


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