Filling Time

1. It is summer and the kids are home....all day.
2. I am under two weeks from my trip to ISTE.
3. I have taken on a new part time job for next year as a Library/Media teacher at my kids school.

These are the reasons that I am....
1. not blogging as often as one would think for someone with their summer "off"
2. needing something to fill up time (I am not good with just sitting)

#2 resulted in my re-establishing myself with Pinterest and the following project....
Milk Crate Seats!

Thanks to by father-in-law for having scrap plywood around and the ability to cut said plywood....I was able to skip a difficult step. I happened to have foam laying around the house from another project and some material. I picked up the milk crates at our local thrift shop for 50 cents each!

All the materials ready to put together I was ready to assemble.....
Excuse the blur, my youngest was helping with photography :)

Using a borrowed staple gun, I used a "wrap a present" method and stapled where there would be tape if it were a present. I have to say that I enjoyed the ability to create this *on my own. 
*Except for having the plywood prepared by FIL
and having the staples put into stapler by husband.
Silly thing would just not take them from me :)

With having and finding materials this only cost me $1.50 to create! They will now find their new home in the school's library!

Here is the finished project:
Again excuse the photography of the five year old :)

**And thanks to my friend Teresa for planting the seed of this project in my mind


  1. They look good. Hope that they are used daily and hold up to the use.


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