Saying Goodbye

In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane starting my trip to San Diego! I can't believe that it is time! My oldest daughter started this morning off by stating "I wish you weren't leaving tomorrow". Well, it seems tomorrow always matter how far off it is.

It will be difficult for this mom, who does not travel for this long ever, to leave her girls. However, as a friend said yesterday "it will give breathing room". And it will...I will be a refreshed mom and probably will have a very grateful dad when I return ;).

The hardest part of this trip has turned out however to be that I am missing two celebrations of life. While I am away my husband's family will be saying their goodbyes to his grandmother Eva on Monday and my friend Stacie's family/friends will be saying their goodbyes on Tuesday. Two different lives that both left this earthly home on Sunday the 17th. One a life long lived, full of family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Another that of a just-turned 36 yr old, too young, full of life and possibility. My heart aches over not being able to join these celebrations.


Grandma Eva: I am so thankful that I was able to claim you as grandma for almost 12 years! I love that my children had a Great Grandma in their lives and you were great :). I wish we would have made more trips to Salina to see you. But I will not forget the times that we did spend with you! I loved the twinkle in your eye and the smile that I could always gain by being around you. I love you! Goodbye for now.

Stacie: I can't believe you are gone. Cancer! I remember talking with you following one of your treatments and how strong, positive, and motivated you were. You handled this battle with grace, strength, and positivity. I wish I could celebrate your life with the other friends and family. Maybe selfishly because I need to see that it is real...because it just doesn't seem possible. But I also want to hug your parents and tell them how much I hurt for them. I have so many fun memories with you! I remember when we would make cookies or cheese bites, we would run up and down the hall to beat the timer. One time I slipped and fell! I remember vacations together as you joined my family and I joined yours. And signing in church together. My last memory is of that call and hearing your voice with that Carolina accent! I love that you were the type of friend that no matter how much time had passed, we could pick up where we left off. I wish I had called more often and made the trip, that I thought we would some day, to see you in Carolina. Goodbye for now my lifelong friend. I love you.

In remembrance of Stacie, here is a link to her family signing the National Anthem recently. She had a beautiful voice!


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