An itch for a nitch and a new pitch

I haven't posted resources or much of my ISTE learning yet. However, one thing I did walk away with was the feeling that there are a lot of others who are just like me. Some have somehow found a nitch within the educational technology world and are seen as "experts". They have a gazillion followers, are ask to give keynotes, maybe have a book published, etc. 

I've begun to ask myself, "What sets me apart? What could my nitch be?" I even question what I "want to be and do"

What I know:
1) I love teaching/training others. 
It is so much fun to train others on something that I know how to do well.

2) I enjoy exploring technology.
I will try about any technology app, game, online resource, etc. I like the feeling I get when a speaker is sharing about a tech tool and I know exactly what it is, how it works, and why they are recommending it. However, I like even more hearing about a new tech tool that they recommend so that I can give it a try.

3) I would like to work specifically with technology somehow.
I have about five or six "jobs" within my two part time jobs. At the college I am not only an instructor, but work with the IT department on the website and within the education department am also the data coordinator. Then at the K-12 school I am the elementary librarian, school instructional technologist, and work with their website. Most of my "jobs" are within technology, but two job sites and multiple roles at each leave me spread thin.
I would like to see one role like tech coach for schools, or be one place with tech, or ?? That's where some searching and stretching will come in.

So what to do for now?
Be patient.
Evaluate what I have to offer.
Investigate options.
Work with what I've got :)
Revamp, refocus, and reignite 

Stage one:  My Website



Not a bad start I think! What do you think of the re-launched website?
It still has some work to be done, but I love how it is coming together. Feel free to give me some feedback. You can find the site at (click home for the view above).


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