What have you learned?

It was a question posed to me recently. What have you learned this week?

Wow! What have I learned in the last week?

I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast!
     However, today I can tell you it was pancakes :)

What have I learned....

Life lessons?
Educational? Instructional? Vocational?

I am also "post ISTE" and still cannot get myself to be able to share "what I have learned" from that conference.


It is not that I didn't learn anything at the conference or haven't learned anything in the last few days. I know that I have and did....so why is it so hard to be able to formulate an answer?

Is there fear?
Fear that somehow someone will think that I didn't learn enough (for the money spent)? Or that my learning isn't as important as someone else's. Or fear that I didn't seek the right sessions for the "right" learning?

Is a communication issue?
How exactly do I share the learning? It was valuable to me...but will it be valuable to you? Will my notes translate the learning well enough? Will you see the value of my learning (specifically to how they were valuable to me)? How do I communicate my learning effectively?

Or is it something else? Did I fill my brain too full :)

Why is it so hard to answer what seems to be a simple question?
--What have you learned?--

How would you answer it?


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