Missing Spoke

Or....maybe I should say ignored spoke.


In the Worms in the Fridge post Identify an Audience and a Posting Schedule to Generate Blog Post Ideas that I used in "Spoke 3: The Audience", I left out the scheduling part. I'll be honest, I left it out on purpose. After all have you seen my schedule?

I have a lot of excuses. However, I am seeing that if I am going to do this right it is essential.

In my head I thought I would set a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday posting schedule. Tuesday rolled around this week...no post. My excuse? I had a conference on Wednesday and I was going to be posting about it. Problem? I didn't end up going to the conference.

I see the need for a schedule and the communication of the schedule! I need accountability!! After all have you seen my schedule? :)

Crazy schedule or not, I want grow this blog and the Facebook account connected with it. So the missing spoke of a schedule is now going to be set!

Posting Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week.

Thanks for joining in my journey! It may be a bumpy ride, but some of the best rides are not on smooth roads.


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