ISTE Day 4

Last day of ISTE!

Today started off with Six Ways Teachers and Students Can Make an App. I've been interested in making an app and so I thought I'd see what I could learn. This session covered lots of methods/tools and were from easy to hard. Here are my link to my notes.

After getting all "appy" it was off to learn more about digital citizenship in "Digital Citizenship, Now what?". This was a panel session with several knowledgable presenters. It was filled with tips and tricks. Here are the notes

I was then off to a session that I started but didn't finish. Sometimes they aren't going the direction you want and you can move on! Instead of this session I wandered through the posters and then made my way through the Expo. 

I couldn't have been happier that I did that when I had the chance to meet this guy

This is cybraryman! I've connected with him on Twitter and he has a page for about everything! I wanted to have a photo with him and meet him in person. Check!

After that I "got back to business" and attended one last session. In fact I stood in line for this session (one of the few that I would do that for). This was "The Tomorrow toolkit: Free web tools to support student creation". It was another panel type presentation, but this was full of "tech gurus". Part of it I knew about (which is fun to nod your mead in knowledge) and part was new (which was also great). Here are my notes. Here is the resource.

I took one more round through the Expo about 20 minutes to their closing. This is the perfect time with some of the venders to give you some stuff. I will post a special post just for these giving people!

The keynote was next, but I only watched for a little bit. I'll be honest my brain was full and I longed for home. I just want to be at the airport, throught security, and at my gate! 

It has been a great ISTE! Lots of learning! I'll keep sharing over the next few weeks! 


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