Return from ISTE

ISTE is a great experience! It is exhausting, exciting, overwhelming....time. I always feel some pressure to learn as much as I can and bring home lots of new ideas (especially when it costs nearly $1500 to send me). However, it really is about like trying to drink from a hydrant!
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Add to that feeling....coming home to move! Thankfully this is what I saw first upon my arrival:

 One balloon says "Welcome Home!" and the other "Happy Anniversary".

I could come home to this anytime :)

Especially when this is what basically what I could see everywhere else I looked:

Boxes everywhere! We had one and a half days upon my return to finish packing. Home at 10pm on Tuesday and moving on Thursday afternoon.

And then with every move is the changing of services, unpacking, etc.

So, I will continue to "unpack" this year's ISTE learning as well as unpack my belongings at our new house.


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