Personal Brand Building Part 1

Let's get started....

Chapter One: How to Create a Personal Brand Vision
I would say that I am interested in creating a personal brand for these three reasons:
  • Grow my professional network so I open more professional opportunities
  • Build online communities to further increase professional opportunities
  • Lay the foundation for future success
"The first step to creating your personal brand is to organize your thoughts and create your personal brand vision. This is the way you want yourself to be perceived by others and also how you want to live your professional and personal life."

The first part of this section is entitled: "Who Are You?" If you read my blog, you will have just read a post by the same name. If not, feel free to go back and read it by clicking here. I believe that I have accomplished these through that writing (didn't really mean to do it at the time of writing).
Step One: Set Your Values
Step Two: Prioritize Values
Step Three: Identify Your Passions
Step Four: Identify Your Ideal Traits
Step Five (where you come into this): Discuss Who You Are with Family, Friends, and Peers

The next part is: "Where You Want to Be"
Step One: Determine the Aspects of Your Life That Have Been Rewarding
Step Two: Narrow Down the Aspects to a Potential Vision
What makes me happy and a passion for life?
I absolutely love training others to use technology.
I love providing a service with technology or creating something for someone with technology.
I enjoy learning with technology.

Step Three: Create An Ideal Career Ending
This is tough. I want to be involved in technology training. Maybe a service center or business that provides for technology training, creating, etc. However, I do not see myself in something that I have to travel endless hours (at least until the kids are out of school).

Step Four: Take Steps Back From the Career Ending to the Present
Amazingly enough....I am on the right path to get where I want to go! I need time "in the trenches" to see what teachers and students need. I have presentation opportunities and creation opportunities that will help me for the future.

Step Five: Compare the Vision Against the Values
This goes back into step 3 when I say that I'm not ready to travel all over. I love being able to be in my kids school....I love being present. I can't imagine traveling so much and missing out on my children's lives. It will not be long until they will be on their own and I can do it then.

Section Three is: Others Worth Emulating
I've got some people in mind....I'm going to move on.

Developing Your Professional Image
Consistency....Creativity....Memorable....Professional Photos.....Professional Website.....Email Signature....Build Credibility

This is the area that I have "full on" focused on following Launch Me. In fact, part of the Launch Me time was spend taking professional photos. Also during my training, it was suggested that I "own my name" and have my own URL. I had a professional website that I had been building and now I have my own URL. I believe the others come as a result of my blogging and website. The last is the email signature.

I just created this using WiseStamp as suggested in the guide.


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