Speak the Language

Well after a much needed vacation, I am back!

During my time away I not only created a website for a small business, but I also updated my own! This fits right into the last few posts that I have had on Building Your Personal Brand. Especially the last post that speaks to the need for a professional website!! What's really cool is that unexpectedly I think that I found my "brand"....well at least my tagline.

I'm Technically Speaking....Sometimes you just need someone that speaks the language. You can see more here at my website, but below is at least a sneak peek :)

Compare that to the previous version....

And then to the older yet...

As you can see a lot of growing and changing of my brand has changed over the last couple years.
It was during the creating of the business website that the tagline came to mind.

I was fortunate to work with two wonderful ladies at Quality Printing out of Galva, KS. They wanted a website for their ribbon part of the business. A mutual friend connected us. A connection made out of their need, in a sense, for someone who "spoke" the language (in this case that of website creation). If you would like to see that site or even put in an order for some ribbons :) click here.

As I completed this project, I realized how much I loved working with someone in this way and my site was reborn. I look forward to continuing the build...so off to chapter 4 in Building Your Personal Brand (the complete guide).


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