Be Yourself Because Everyone Else is Taken

I love that line! Be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Be yourself!

Okay, but what "self" do I present here? No I am not having issues with multiple personalities....yet. But I have several roles. I'm a mom, wife, daughter, aunt.....
My work has lots of roles. Librarian, admin, technology, instructor,.....
It becomes frustrating to know just what to post about. Do I post from all these or just things that are "techie". My blog title is technically speaking, so I must write tech stuff....right?

Yet, it is freeing. I do not have to be anything or anyone else. Just me! I have the unique gift to offer.

But what exactly is that unique gift?

I love technology! And that is with a capital L-O-V-E it. It is exciting to learn and play with technology. It makes me happy to teach technology or show how to do something with technology. I spend way to much time on technology!

Where is my niche"? The unique, one of a kind gift?

My favorite blog is Free Technology for Teachers. I'd love to post like him...but that spot is taken! I'd thought about reviewing technology games, sites, etc. However again that has been taken by Graphite.  So many others are posting, tweeting, reviewing, etc. with technology. There are gifted writers with award winning blogging sites.

I'm not a very good writer. Writing, spelling, grammar....equals yuck to me. I depend on spell check. I hope that I put commas in the correct places. I'm sure I ain't use'n the bestest grammar all the time. And I am suppose to be myself?! Oh my!

Do you really want to see me?

I'm really an introvert. I get home at night and do not want to leave again!  I'm shy. It takes me time to be myself around people. This shy introvert is suppose to share in such a public way? People I don't know might actually read it! People I know might read it!!!! Then what?!

They will know! They will know I have comma issues! My grammar issues will be out for all to see. They might not like what I have to say.....

Be myself?

I'm just a girl that enjoys technology.

However, I'm also a girl who is in the trenches. I see how technology integration is good, but difficult to small private schools. I'm learning the ins and outs of tech integration the hard way...building from the ground up. I'm learning to accept that it is okay to not have all the answers. Sometimes the answers to questions come with more questions. It all is a leaning process.

I have had experience in both private and public education. And experience in an elementary school, a middle school, a K-12 school and college. I've taught pre-service teachers and worked side-by-side with practicing teachers. I've even ventured into the administrative side. It has created an interesting almost 360 view.

I'd say that is a little unique.

I'm unique.
I will find my niche.
Everyone else is taken....I am what is needed with the gifts and talents that I have been given.


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