Brand Building Rapid Rundown

Over the last few posts I've been exploring "The Complete Guide to Building a Personal Brand". Today I'd like to wrap that up with a rapid rundown of the last chapters.

Chapter 4: How to Build Your Brand Through Outreach
Chapter 5: How to Get Free Press Coverage
Chapter 6: How to Connect with Mentors
Chapter 7: How to Monitor Your Brand

That was rapid :)

Now seriously....
These chapters talk about gaining exposure to your brand through various methods. One goal I would take from this is to guest blog for someone. This is a goal I am setting for myself as I continue to develop my brand and blog.
Another topic, free press and free brand/blog exposure is easily achieved with social media. And the power of connections is evident here.
Connecting with mentors is possible via social media as well. However, I see real value in connecting with those that you can see in person (at least once in awhile). I've begun to watch presenters in a different way. Especially those that I admire! Watching how the interact, present, etc.

Chapter 8: ........That is one for another blog. The last blog in the series!

Recap of gained goals:
1. Develop my blog and brand for guest blogging appearances.
2. Be more purposeful in connecting online and in person.
3. Connect with mentors in a more purposeful way to build my brand.
4. Monitor my brand as it develops.
5. (and the topic for the next blog) Be Myself Because Everyone Else is Taken


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