My Maker Move

I really like the maker movement. I love the idea of building and creating....that real hands on learning and problem solving. However, with limited resources I have been left only drooling over the 3D printers, Little Bits, etc. Even to just have motors, wires, etc. costs money.

Enter the cardboard challenge. SOLD! Free, fun, and make it.

I aimed this first attempt at the 5th and 6th grade classes and began with showing a video. It showed a kiddo about their age that created an arcade out of boxes. It was fun watching their faces as they saw what this kid did with just cardboard boxes. After the video, I ask them if they could create something with cardboard. The one had to "function".

Let the creative juices flow! Ideas and plans began to form. Teams were formed as well. I stayed as out of this as I could...just gently guiding when needed. 

The most I spoke up was during their paper drawing/planning. I ask questions. What will it measure? Hmmm...maybe your should get a ruler and test that. How will it function? What space do you need in the room for it? List out supplies.

Once I had a physical plan in hand, they could start to build with the cardboard. We happened to have a big shipment of school supplies during our build and I ask for all the boxes. However, the kiddos where also in charge of bringing boxes. Some had very specific box ideas/needs.

We built and built and often rebuilt. I heard problem solving and our future conversation will be about things that they learned. However, today was a show off day! I invited anyone and everyone to come through during our library time (parents were able to come look during parent/teacher conferences last week). We didn't have as many classes as I would have liked come through, but I declare the time a success.

Here are some pics of their creations:

The absolute best part today....
Seeing some of the adults playing! The type of play that kids have....arm pumping, high score, prize winning, free from stress play. 

Not only that, but the pride and excitement of the kiddos! 


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