TwirtyDays Week 2

As I shared in my "TwirtyDays" post, I have been working through 30-days of Twitter learning. Here is a quick review of where I was, what I achieved the first week and this week's accomplishments.

Prior to TwirtyDays
1st Week
2nd Week

I have gained 23 new followers and went from a week of six views to 158 to 664!
It helped the week above that I was a presenter with SimpleK12 and they tag their Tweets with the presenters (and these often are retweeted by others). However, I know that being more active on my end and using the tips/tricks has also contributed.

I could stop there with my sharing and feel content. However, the icing on the cake this week was this:

A reply from Caines Arcade! This was the young man and the arcade that I spoke about in this post. This, to me, shows the power of Twitter! 

I can't wait to share this response with my makers! 


  1. Tell me more, Carol. Loved seeing your progress.

  2. Oh by the way, I'm not teaching right now. I'm writing smart board lessons for a company in the Netherlands called Gynzy. I love working with this group of bright people and am committed to helping Gynzy's influence grow in the US. They really have some fantastic tools.

  3. Sharon,
    Sorry, I'm not very good at keeping up with comments here! This is an ebook, that will be coming out, written by a superintendent at a local school district. He has used Twitter with his district and has some good tips and tricks. The title is Twirty Days. I'm not sure when it will officially be out.

  4. Sharon,
    This is on your second it is my turn to ask you for details! I'd love to hear more about your adventures with Gynzy!! Send me an email when you have time.


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