I travel alone a lot when attending conferences. Not that I do not have any friends or want to go at it alone, it just is the nature of my position. I'm not a part of a large district, in fact I will have two others in my department next year.

However, that has allowed (maybe forced) me to meet new people. And this last conference was no different. To be honest, that new connection with these two ladies below was worth every penny (out of my pocket) to attend this conference.

Meet my wonderful new friends: Beth Bryan (@bethabryan) and Tana Venturino (@tventurino). These two ladies are recipients of a Fund for Teachers grant. The grant will cover Maker Movement centered professional development this summer and will take them from Wichita's Podstock to Burlington (Vermont), NYC, and Boston.  You can follow their adventures on their blog Two STEAM Ahead (and you might see a familiar face in Day 2). I can't wait to see what they learn!!

When I look back on several past conferences, I can picture specific connections I've made with new friends. I could look up my learning at the conference, but I can almost immediately picture the new friend that I made! Powerful!! A great reminder of investing in people!

And as for the whole maker theme for this week...
I found this quote by Krissy Venosdale 
"Making is connecting, interpreting, and building a relationship with the world."


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