Danger and Awe

We have spent the last several days iced in.
Thick ice covered everything!
There was a sense of both danger and awe. We respected the danger of the slick surface! I also found myself in awe of the beauty!
It was fascinating to see how the ice attached itself to plants, grass, trees, etc.

I was very thankful we never lost power! We were able to enjoy movies, games, and cooking.
Plenty of time to make sugar cookies! 

Today the sun shone brightly and the temperatures rose. Streets cleared! We emerged from our house. Glad to be able to once again "get about".

A new adventure presented itself as things defrosted. Trees broke free of the icy grasp, sending ice pellets downward. No longer did you look down to watch for ice, but up!

Tomorrow we return to work and school. I'm sure the return will be full of stories from the 2015 ice storm! It was one that we are certain will be remembered!


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