When a door closes...another one opens...

Have a look out my window on this beautiful spring day!

I have watched this tree transition from summer to fall, fall to winter and winter to spring. A few birds have even tried their best to join in my morning work. It is a view that tenure earned and I have relished over this year.

The window has provided escape from the stress of the day, weather knowledge, and place of prayer.

It even has a shade that I can adjust the amount of sun that I allow in.

If you can tear your eyes away from the spring beauty outside...
You might catch sight of a wall of achievements (diplomas) inside.
Or you might be drawn to the bulletin board of various notes and posts.

Take a look around. Make yourself at home. Have a seat and visit.
I can tell you about the teaching "artifacts" on my wall....There's a Common School Diploma from 1911 that belonged to Jeremy's relative, a Teacher's County Certificate belonging to my relative from 1904 and a Horn Book with class picture from my grandmother's time.Proudly displayed on my desk, is a shadowbox of teacher history from my mother's side. Within lays a pocket watch that has been passed down from teacher to teacher within the family. Letters and pictures document the watch's history. Some day it will be my duty to pass it on to the next generation and add my photo/letter to its history.What might not catch your eye, is a small display next to the busy bulletin board.
 Three objects: a common clock, a cross, and a plaque. All could be overlooked, but have their own importance in placement.

Cross: At first glance it is a reminder of my faith. As you look closer, you will see that it is made of old rulers/measuring tape. Today as I look at it, I am thankful that my "measurement" is in who I am in Christ. 

Clock: At its simplest form, it keeps me "in time" and "on time". But as I look at it recently it is reminding me that my time in this office is coming to a close.

Plaque: It is a simple green background, that almost blends in with the wall. It reads (from Karen Kingsbury's Leaving), "Today there were possibilities that God had only just now begun to present...blue skies appearing on the horizon that had never been there before." That summarizes this next stage of my journey..."possibilities that God had only just now begun to present". 

So as I close my door (in May) to my office and position at the college, I am looking forward to the possibilities that God has only just now, and yet to, present for the next open door. 

I appreciate the prayers of those who I entrusted the prior knowledge of this transition and appreciate the prayers of those who would like to join. God's "got this" as my dear friend Stacie reminds me and I have an unspeakable peace of God's leading and care that can only be due to the prayers of those around me.


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