I did something...

I did something.

I applied to be a Google Innovator.

That might not seem like a huge ordeal to some, but let me tell you that this has really stretched me. And I will add that sharing that I applied for it, is another huge breakthrough for me.

Becoming a Google Innovator would be HUGE to me. HUGE. So, I honestly have psyched myself out of applying. I've said to myself that I'm not that innovative or not innovative enough. I've compared myself to others in the field and decided that they are better for this. But I am enough.
--insert pat on the back for accepting the need to at least apply--

I started to answer the questions. I even shared my answers with others to critique...which is another huge accomplishment for me. Honestly, I like to fail in private. And I have a tough time allowing others into my little inner information at times (okay maybe more than "at times").

Through the help of others I got my application together. I stepped back into my own world to finished it up and create my video. A video that is me being very open and honest about needs that I see in education (specifically teacher pd).

I started this adventure with my eyes set on the NY cohort....
I just applied to the......
*you aren't going to believe this*
I applied to the London Cohort.

My thinking is that
1) I might have a better shot to an international one (at least that's what I've been told.
2) If I do not get in
*I'll add here that there are about 300 applications and at or under 30 that get in.
2) If I do not get in -- I'll redo and try again for NY.

I did it! I may not receive an invitation...but I did something that scared, intimidated, and stretched me. And that is huge.


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