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Yesterday I posted about a challenge that I am taking on...blogging each day for 30 days! My plan is to post them all, but share a couple each week.

Let me give you a little background first.

Rewind to my process of applying to the Google Innovator program. Part of the application process was creating a one minute video. Within my video I used Twitter posts -- part of my project is looking at the isolation of innovators despite online connections with many -- one of the images from a post really stuck out to me...
There was something about the idea of being able to "go from burned out to burned in".  And as I stated in the video...I want to be burned in (at the time I just didn't know what that might mean).

Full Video

Fast forward back to more current time.

Little did I know that the past would revisit me like a ghost of educational past as I participated in #DitchSummit. The video from the list that would be my first to watch....

The title caught my eye...and a lingering thought that I'd seen this before.

If you have a chance to watch - do it. Or check out Amber's site. And if you dare....take the quiz.

What's funny is, I don't really know when I connected all the dots...but the @burnedinteacher (on the image I used) is Amber Harper :)

And this time around, I'm trying to heed the message the "ghost of educational past" is trying to share....
am I burned in or out?

This year (or more) has been full of some powerful, exciting and life-changing moments for me professionally. I became an ISTE Certified Educator and even trainer. I applied, was selected, and became a Google for Education Innovator. I nominated myself, was selected, and next month will receive the 2020 METC Making IT Happen Award. And the icing on the cake--I've gain some amazing connections through it all. If you follow me socially or in this blog, you've probably read/heard about these.

These years have also been difficult professionally -- these are the quiet struggles (not on media).
    * I want to stop for a minute. What I'm going to share is not in any way an attempt to bash or put a         black eye on the district that I work for.
     *It is an attempt to be open and honest, challenge myself, and work for better...maybe even                  inspire others to look at their own journey.
I'm in my fourth year at my district...under my 2nd/3rd director in the department (two from the new company directorship), in the process of the 3rd new co-worker and what will be next year a 3rd new superintendent. I've seen the comings and goings of many coworker friends. And as of late...I've felt the stress, frustration...burnout of fellow teachers. Teaching/education is hard.

It leaves me wanting to do something...anything to help. I try to carry the burden on my shoulders in my own position...maybe something fun will help, maybe a book study on culture or inspiration, maybe if I answer the tech ticket faster, maybe if I answer the email on the weekend, maybe....

Maybe I hit my own wall of burnout...
"No one wakes up and just decides that it's time to be burned-out. It isn't a bolt of lightning. It's a slow burn. A slow burn caused by:
🔥 Lack of support where you need it
🔥 Adopting the belief that teachers should just give and give and give for the sake of the kids
🔥Beliefs that there isn't and won't be enough time or money... EVER

So now what?
I'm going to try to take Amber's suggestions as a start...

*Do less:
- comparing yourself to other teachers in your school or on Social Media and what they tell you your classroom (I'd insert job) SHOULD look like
- worrying about what other people think about you and what time you leave school
- grading, planning, and prepping for the sake of being able to say you're "SO BUSY!" in order to feel worthy of praise or sympathy

*Do more:
- simplifying for the sake of doing your job more efficiently, within the time you're given (and are paid for) each day
- deciding what works for YOU and what you ENJOY most about your profession
- planning for your future happiness, fulfillment, and job satisfaction

That's the plan. In these 30 days of blogging I'm going to explore my burnout. I'm going to name it (from Amber's quiz) and create a battle plan.

Ultimately, it will be needing the serenity prayer...
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference."


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