10 in 30

Day 10 of 30 days blogging.

Today I’m blogging with you from the dentist chair. Not really the prime choice for a blog spot, but I’m thankful for the technology that allows for it.

I’d planned to dig in more to the Burned-In book, but a achy tooth thought otherwise.

I’ve learned to listen to the aches...most of them. Of course some I put off longer than others. Especially if dealing with it means sitting in a dental chair or what I perceive as a negative result.

It’s true also as I “deal” with my burnout. There is an ache that burnout brings...just a different ache. It took time to identify the source and then time to face it.

Just like my tooth...oh I knew what it was, but making the phone call to the dentist to face what’s going on is another matter!

And here I sit. Paper napkin around my neck. More aches from the needed X-ray. Knowing that probably the solution isn’t going to be what I want to hear...pulling it.

Isn’t there truth in that as well?! Don’t we have to pull/remove things to get better results?


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