2 in 30

Day 2 of 30 days of blogging.

Today is a tough day. I'm battling negativity and frustration. I had a colleague leave the district/department...and now we are a "man down". I liked working with him and will miss his friendly face.

Now that all the cards are on the table, let's dig into burned in or out.

How do you know and do you want to know? For me, I did....maybe it would give me some insight.

Just for fun or for actual knowledge - take Amber's quiz (see more on www.burnedinteacher.com)

And then be ready to explore the answers...
At least that's where I am if you want to join me.

*I will say that you choose the best answers on the quiz. I am not a classroom teacher, so some of the options didn't fit as well as others.

**What's funny-- I've taken the quiz twice and ended with the same result :)

And my quiz result?

Burned and Bored
(a few pieces from the results)
"Your students, coworkers, and administrators enjoy your passion for teaching and how much positivity you bring to the table. You're a valuable asset to your team.

You feel you need a challenge in your professional life. Something new. Something that will push you to learn new things, meet new people, or go to new places, but you're consistently at odds with yourself.

You feel you should be happy with your situation, but you just aren't anymore. Where do you even start?"

And the answer to "where to start" can in my email this morning - I signed up for the Burned In Teacher emails (yes, you will get several...but sometimes you need that).

Here it is.....the next step....
✅ B: Begin Where You Are
How did I get to this place? How long have I been here?

I'd like to wait for tomorrow to answer this, but I probably should dig right in. It would be good for me to relook at where I am and how I got there.

Spring 2016 - I'm in a position that I know I'll be leaving at the end of the year.
Sometime in this spring semester, I have Russ Kahle come and lead a BreakoutEDU session. I'd met him in ed tech circles. At the time Russ, was the Ed Tech Specialist for the district. I mention my interest in new opportunities. At the time, he mentions a director position and I say no thanks :)
Russ decides and is given the director role. This opens the Ed Tech Specialist position and I apply.

July 2016, I start as the Ed Tech Specialist and a member of the I.T. team.
Six schools to support...plus district office, maintenance, transportation, early childhood....
I find myself fixing/troubleshooting, but also building relationships.

I create and "roll out" Tech Jedi challenge. One of the biggest challenges to date!
To help communicate between staff and I.T., we create a Tech Times Newsletter and revamp our Tech Website.

Eventually, I add our Tech Lavatory with "in-stall-ments" each month (in the bathroom staff stalls). 

I've created book studies and other online professional development for points or graduate credit.

Stepping out of my comfort zone -- I've presented at conferences (including ISTE) and presented online webinars with SimpleK12 (I've now presented 48 times with them).

While in my position...I've become a 
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer
  • ISTE Certified Educator & Trainer
  • Google for Education Certified Innovator
  • METC's 2020 Making IT Happen Leader Award winner
I think I'm going to end there....
I'm proud of what I've accomplished. Without sounding like a bragger, I'm good at what I do. And I LOVE helping/challenging teachers with tech integration. It's good to remind myself of that.


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