20 of 30

Day 20 or 30 days of blogging.

You'll note that I didn't publish day 19. When I started this journey I thought I would publish every day...but really writing and reflecting was the ultimate goal. And sometimes those thoughts need to remain more private.

I will share this reflection from yesterday, as it seems to sum up where I am at this point...
I don't feel as burned out, but I don't feel as burned in as I'd like either.

Not too bad of a place to be.
I can see the progress that I've made. Steps in the right direction (although sometimes those steps are forward and backward).
And I see that I still need/have work to complete. Which if I'm honest...when do we not have that? I want to always be looking to improve and learn.

Believe. My word for this year.
Already I see that it will be a good one for this year.
Especially believing in myself.


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