24 of 30

Day 24 of 30 days of blogging.

Today I come to you from my couch in my house. (Usually, I am in my office.)
I have a dental appointment today and will "enjoy" the day off.

For now, I'm enjoying puppy snuggles and putting some words onto the page.

This pup has found a spot that I didn't know that I had in my heart. 
I've had pets and dogs before. Even some that we acquired at a young/pup stage.

When we bought Oscar, we had a moment of "what did we do", "did we just make a very expensive mistake"? 
Remember, past experiences. 
But this little guy....he might have stolen my heart right away.
Oscar snuggles and loves being close to us. 
He can be crazy and run through the house. 
He will play "where is..." with my youngest as she hides behind a chair or couch.
He has learned tricks and LOVE treats.

He has been the perfect addition. 

He's amazed me, as I've stayed home sick before and worried about his care and mine. Just to find that he laid with me and somehow "knew" what I needed. I've felt him gravitate to me when my stress or apprehension is higher.

And his excitement over us coming home! I love it. 
Who knew I was a dog person after all? Well, I'm an Oscar person at least.


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