26 of 30

Day 26 of 30 of blogging.

The tongue...

Have you ever paused to consider all your tongue does? Me either!
Until recently....
Tuesday when I had my tooth pulled, the doc accidentally cut my tongue in the process.

I feel EVERY movement and notice every muscle...talking, drinking, eating (well drink-eating)...swallowing.

It makes you realize how intricately and beautifully made our bodies are. How much our body fights to right/heal itself.

It also makes me think about the words that we speak and the power of the tongue.
Each word that I speak lately is more noticeable to me.

Maybe it is a good reminder to use my words to encourage :)
To make the tongue muscle work worth it.

Couldn't resist to end with this....
Bitmoji Image
Need a some healing time before I can do that again!
Enjoy the little things!


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