7 in 30

Day 7 of 30 days of blogging.

One week of blogging! It has been the best challenge!!
It hasn't been easy, but getting it scheduled into my calendar for every morning has made a huge difference. Each work morning, I start my day with a reflection/blogging time. I close my door, listen to some soft music, and reflect/blog.

Of course, weekends are different and harder. However, having it in my calendar again is what prompts the posting. It also helps that I'm enjoying the process and seeing the power of reflecting and sharing. I've even had some feedback:

Thank you friends! I couldn't do it without you!!
The smiles, conversations, words of encouragement, prayers...have encouraged me.
And they have allowed me to continue the circle of smiles. 

The situation around me hasn't changed, but I am changing how I deal with it. Negativity is more of muddy puddle jumping than a swamp. I don't feel as swallowed up by it and overwhelmed by it.

I'm excited to continue to dig in the Burned-In teacher book this coming week. Thanks again for reading, I hope you will find some encouragement in where you are in your own journey.


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