Oh technology!

I presented my webinar today! Wahoo! I always think presenting will be a good idea....until the day before and day of the presentation :) Then my nerves get the best of me! What a relief when it is over!

Today's presentation made me very aware of some teaching/learning opportunities that are completely reliant on technology. Everything today was dependent on sound and my (new) headset working, the internet and connectivity working (which was a little iffy), my presentation software working and their webinar side working. Speaking in person, if the technology decides to not work you can at least have a backup plan. This seemed like an all or nothing deal. I am glad that the "bugs" were worked out and I was able to "hold up on my end" of the presentation. It was a little overwhelming, the feeling of dependence on the technology. Dependence so much that you feel like you might fail your task if the technology fails you.

Today technology did not fail me and I did not feel like I failed the SimpleK12 community. I know that you can learn through failures, but I am really glad that I did not have to have that lesson today :)


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