Ups and Downs

Well on the "down" side of things, I did not get selected for the Google Teacher's Academy. Fifty teachers were chosen from all would have been quite something to have been one of them. I guess there is always next time!
On the "up" side, I submitted to be a presenter for and was chosen! I will be presenting my very first webinar on Wednesday July 20th at 10:00 a.m. entitled "Wixify Your WebQuest". I am equally excited and terrified to do this presentation. Fortunately it is only a 30 minutes presentation, for this first adventure. If it goes well, this might open the door for more opportunities. I have attached a screen shot of the advertisement for it below:

I really like this website and the Teacher Learning Community that you can (for a price) become a member of. Even without membership there are opportunities for free webinars (such as the ones on the 20th) and other free resources.

So there it is the ups and downs of things.


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