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With the purchase of the iPad (and $100 gift card with Mac purchase) I have been on the hunt for apps. I have found some good free ones and will have to report on some of those. However, today's exploration is on a $.99 one by the name of WifiClicker.

This little gem enables you to control your PowerPoint, Keynote, Open Office or PDF by wifi remote using your iPhone or iPod Touch. I tried it first using my iPad.

Once it was purchased and the additional software added to my computer. The app asks for IP address and port information. Which I was stumped by and had just about given up and counted this as a loss of $.99. However, in the attempt to get rid of the software on my computer I found the folder I needed. Within the application's folder there was a "file" that looked similar to the above picture. Once it is clicked it opens a window that states that if you click it will start the server. Upon clicking that button the information that you will need to configure your iPad (or phone) is given.

Now in business and connected to each other. I pulled up a blank presentation, added a page and played. There was a short lag between click on the iPad to the change on the computer screen. A little disappointing. Especially disappointing under the "touchpad" option given with the Wifi Clicker. This touchpad gives you the ability to more your cursor and select (left and right click on mouse). However, with the lag-time this was very hard to use.

I would love to use this in class, but first will have to set up both the iPad and Mac to the school's internet. I will have to repost after I use it "for real" and see if my thoughts are the same.

Take two using my iPod Touch. This worked better. And I like the idea of not having the "big-ness" (for lack of better word) of my iPad. The iPod is a much more manageable size for remotes. I would definitely use the iPod over my iPad for this. Silly me for overlooking that!

There is another app for the same amount that is specifically geared toward keynote or powerpoint. It also requires extra download of software. Not sure if I want to waste .99 or not to try it out (I become very stingy when I have money to spend). However, if I do I will be sure to post the results of it. Look for Pointer Remote for PowerPoint and Keynote App. I really like the looks of it. It includes a timer, pointer, etc. I think I just might have talked myself into that one. I will in the end only be out .99.... and it will give me something else to blog about!


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