Cleaning House

Not only did I do a little house cleaning today, I also did some technology resource "cleaning".

I have been extremely busy with the schools institutional report and the upcoming accreditation visit, getting ready for the new semester, and just with life in general. That said I have neglected my resources that I subscribe to in my Google Reader. I am embarrassed to say that I had neglected it long enough that I had over 1000 unread feeds! Once you get to that point the reader stops counting the unread emails and just tells you that you have 1000+ unread. Oh, boy! That was not a good thing to find. I usually try to make a good attempt to go through all of the titles of the feed titles at least. This was beyond anything I have let it get to and I did what I could to just get through what I could and mark the rest as read. I did find some good resources from my cleaning and will have to post some of those new finds.

Second cleaning that I accomplished was from my emails. As a Diigo user I receive emails when people add to the Diigo in Education group. I did not count the emails that I had neglected, but there were a lot! This time I did my normal quick look over and only opened ones that looked interesting. And again, I did find some great resources. I would have missed out if I had not gone through the bunch. (There is always a temptation to just delete it all and not mess with it.)

So here is a rundown off the new resources that I "bookmarked" and saved.


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