Eating up Apple

I have wanted an Apple MacBook for about a year or so now. Every time I go to a conference I am surrounded by Macs. In fact the first technology conference that I attended I went with pen and paper. Seriously! I have not been given my school laptop yet and I did not want to take the spilled-on/sticky home laptop. In fact that is probably the first of my mac want-ings.

So, just this month we bit the financial lip and purchased my first MacBook Pro. And while we were at it we also ordered the iPad 2. I am now Apple equipped!

As a professor in education and the instructor of the Instructional Media and Technology course, I felt the need to know these products. It seems like most schools that our students will be going into for their future teaching positions have Macs and iPads. I have really felt like a fish out of water when it came to these. Along side this was also the frustration of many conferences giving technology strategies that focus on the Mac.

Also dealing with a work computer and the need to get approval for everything that I want to download has gotten not only time consuming, but also very frustrating. In my job, I need to be able to download, try, use, uninstall, etc. different programs. I think that it is a mutual feeling between myself and the IT department that we are tired of seeing each other :).

So, here I am with my very own Mac computer. Able to put on anything that, explore, learn, play, etc....and honestly don't even know where to start! Could I possibly be overwhelmed at the amount of new technology to play with?

And I didn't even mention the new electronic whiteboard toys (I mean instructional tools) that the school has bought! I think that next week needs to be "play with technology week".


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