Webinar #2

I presented my 2nd Webinar with SimpleK12 yesterday. I really like Webinars in that you are talking to a group that you really do not know how many people there are. It really takes away the "stage fright". However, in the stage frights place is the fear of technology not working when you need it to.

I made sure yesterday that I was ready to go. I was in my office about 45 minutes before the presentation. The computer was set up, headset plugged in and tested, and I was ready to roll....I thought earlier in the afternoon. So, about 20 minutes before my presentation I sat down to double check my headset. Which now did not seem to be working. Then my mouse broke and would not "click". Out came that mouse and in goes another....then a warning sign comes up on the computer and states that some error occurred. Oh, great! Well, maybe I can work without the mouse. However, the computer is locked up. I cannot click on anything. What do I do?! Now it is closer to 15-10 minutes to presentation time. I guessed a restart should work. Restart computer......wait, wait. Log back in....wait. Five minutes til! I am getting emails (I see them on my phone) from SimpleK12 starting to panic that I am not there. Got into all the right places, launch webinar....wait some more. Into webinar about 3 minutes prior to start and have to fix the sound with the headset. All ready to go 2 minutes prior to start! I enter to the moderator saying "you about gave us a heart attack". Ya, well I just had a coronary over my locked computer I am thinking!

The hardest thing then was to gather my thoughts and calm my heart that was beating out of control....and I had about 5 minutes to do that (two or three of which are in the presentation while they did a couple of "house keeping" things. Needless to say it was probably not the greatest job could have done, but I made it through. Just a couple moments with a skipped slide and forgotten term.

All in all I am glad it is done. I love technology. I love exploring, learning, and using it. It freaks me out when you have to have it...the all or nothing moment!  I think all rational thoughts leave your mind when you are facing a locked computer just before a presentation.

By the way here is the presentation:


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