El Ed

Once in awhile the elementary teacher in me really comes out. Today my daughter and I were shopping at our local Dillons store. There tucked away in the back sales isle was this beauty....

A venus fly trap! Science Fun! The really cool thing was that we had a fly in our house to experiment on. All in the name of science! The fly must have been previously swatted by me and survived because it could not fly (just to make some of you feel better). So,  I caught the fly and placed it on the plant. We watched with anticipation of the trap and snap of the plant. However, I guess our new fly trap was not very hungry. So to keep things interesting I kept the cover on the plant to keep the fly inside (just in case the plant needed a different lunch time). I know poor fly.... But seriously I want to see what will happen and the fly is going to die anyway.

I will try to follow up on this experiment in a future post! 

I hope that I can keep this little guy alive so that next semester we can enjoy it in our Elementary Science Methods course! Last year I ordered one off of the internet and it did not survive. I am tempted to go back and buy a couple more as back ups....maybe to give my daughters class one also! 


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