Online Learning

I just recently discovered the EVO Online Courses. There is a variety of courses that are being offered this January to February.

The session that I am participating in is Digital Storytelling for Young Learners. There is a wealth of tools & resources that they are using for learning. First there is a Yahoo Group. Second is a group wiki, they are using pbworks for this (linked here). Then there is a LiveBinder with information. There is also a Posterous group (see here).

However the number of resources/tools is not the icing on the is the wide variety of countries that are represented (yes countries, not cities or states)! Check out this map and where the participants are from.

Sometimes I am so busy with my town, my state, and sometimes surrounding states....I forget the global connections that we can have. I love the idea of connecting and learning alongside others from all over!

This is online learning!


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