Day 2: Monday

Wow! Can I just say that I am exhausted? I have walked more than I time I would bring a pedometer or something! The time difference is kicking my tail! I am up early (which is normal home time) and last night stayed up late local time (which is on my word I haven't been up like this since college late).

So here is my run down from yesterday: Breakfast: omelet, fruit and biscuit. :)

8:30 season with Texas Instruments spokesperson Mayim. I have to admit I am a little star struck and wanted to be in the same room again with her. I did learn just how much the TI Nspire is more than a calculator! This thing rocks! I will try to add my audio notes and photos when I am back home.

Simple K12 & I
9:30 brought the opening of the exposition hall! This area is huge! You can get lost in here and spend hours wandering and filling your eyes and ears wih all the latest from companies. Oh, and they have free stuff! Today I walked away with five t-shirts, two noise maker deals (will have to post picture), mini clip board, pens, $5, $5 Starbucks gift card, and my bunny slippers! During this time I was able tomeet up with my ladies from Simplek12! They had offered slippers to their presenters to wear around (in exchange for us to advertise for them) shoes of the trip I must say!

12:45 brought Creativity Re-examined inflight of Piaget, Papert and Bloom. Notes to come.

2:30 I learned about Designing Brick-and-Mortar Libraries in the Digital Age. Notes to come.

4:00 I participated in a "seat drop" as my volunteering (whole other story). For thirty minutes we opened button deals and put the stuff on seats. This did result in me missing a session however that I would have liked to have caught :(

I again strolled around the exhibitors and enjoyed finding random booths to investigate.
By 5:15 things were winding down and I had scheduled a FaceTime call with my girls!

Found a random stranger to walk with my the water and enjoyed getting to know her (she is from Canada).

Following that I found my self subway and headed to get my feet up.

9:00 we headed out for my first Digital Jam.

And somewhere around 11:45 found my way to bed.
digital jam


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