ISTE: Bags packed

My bag is packed! Try #5 for a carry on with all the essentials what I should need! What did I pack?

1. Four  Three nice dress casual shirts (I figured I would pick up a t-shirt or two)
2. Two One skirt (in case I need to really impress)
3. Two One capri (the weather says upper 60's!)
4. Four Three pants (one kaki pant, one dress jean, and one casual jean)
5. Other necessaries that will not be mentioned :) but I would mention pjs :)
6. Snack bars
7. Foldable bag that will unfold to a nice bag should I need it for the trip home with all the freebies (or the new iPad, Kindle, etc. that I hope to win.
8. Tennis shoes (I will be picking up my bunny slippers when I get there...look for them if you will be there and I will have my new hope they are really comfy Crocs on)
9. Swim suit
10. Airline approved quart size baggie that will hold very little so I will need multiple hold lotions, make up, etc.
11. Extra baggies for shells found on the beach or ??

Ya, so that is the "carry on".

This is my "purse".
1. ear buds
2. cords ( least 3: one phone, one iPad, and one extra)....I hope they let me on the plane :)
3. notebook
4. pens
5. $$
6. ID, etc.
7. all paperwork info
8. iPad (add keyboard charge cord)
9. water bottle
10. envelope for receipts
11. add a book or something for the plane (good excuse for a new book I think)

Am I forgetting anything? I wish I could figure out how to take my favorite cappuccino! I am afraid that the powder of it and all the cords might send the airport people over the edge :)


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