Finding new uses for old books

Working for a small library can have its benefits and the generosity of those that donate is one benefit. However, it can also be a negative. What do you do with donated books that are old and you feel obligated to house (at least for a time)?

That was one of the first decisions that I faced as I entered my library position. Not wanting to offend anyone....especially the donor....I had to come up with something. So this is my current solution to the problem:

Pictured below: The shelves below the books are now empty and ready for new books! 
The older books are arranged above as decorations :)
 Again another set is arranged
 This set is all about birds, animals, etc and is in the non-fiction section that fits :)
 Here again the books above match the section.

I plan to add fun antiques or "older" looking items to go with the books and add to the decor. This really excited me as I had been looking for decorations to add. This was a no-cost decoration and allowed some shelves to open up for newer books.


  1. Good idea. In the future you may want to create a donors document that allows you to state that you have final decision on what will happen to donated materials. This will allow you to weed the collection without worry.


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