The Process of Learning

My husband left on Wednesday night for a hunting trip. The timing was, in my mind, bad. This was a huge weekend at the kids school. I also have been "flirting" with a sinus infection. The end result was my bad attitude and a "you better bring something back with you" mentality.

As I reflected today on the last few days, I began to wonder about the "prize" of these last few days. Of course the goal was for him to bring back deer meat to load up our freezer. However, I think some times that one goal can cloud us to the many other things that we might be learning or gaining from the process. For example: my husband mentioned just the enjoyment of being in the "great outdoors". Although the goal was not to go and enjoy being outdoors, it is part of the process.

I am reminded of this in education also. We often put so much emphasis on the prize, objective, project or product (end result) that we don't always look at the process. The end result sometimes blinds us to the process of learning and growing. We are data driven, end result, and prize oriented. We want something to show for our efforts.

However, maybe the best, richest, most beneficial time is the process.


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