Expo Explorations and Exuberance

Soon many of the following posts will be devoted to sharing all the learning that took place at ISTE. However, for today I would like to say thanks to the fun Expo Hall Venders and all their free stuff! Thanks for letting me have some demos and for the additional checked back of stuff :)

Here is the break down:

1 walking stick (thanks to www.i-rover.info)
      *not pictured, but much used by the kids

1 Edmentum sunglasses
2 Wasp Barcode Technologies fling rockets

1Blender Bottle by its Learning
1 set Umigo Playing Cards (www.umigo.com)
1 really long and flexible eraser from SoftChalk Coud
2 Cell Phone Holders from Stoneware

1 bouncy yo-yo-ish fun thing from Howard Tech Solutions
2 star squeezies from Clay Piggy 
1 lanyard and button from edugeek

1 vocabulary magnetic word deal from Vocabulary That Sticks 
1 boo-boo kit from Google
1 multipurpose tool (screwdriver and tape measure) from STEM Collaborative
1 bottle opener from altex
1 t-shirt and braclet from TechSmith
1 mouse pad from Symbaloo

1 pencil looking flash drive from Schools that Work
1 moose flash drive from i-Ready

I have to say these are a couple of my favorite finds!

8 pens
altex, Odysseyware, Edmodo, YoYo Games, Vocabulary.com, Super Duper Learning , iStopMotion, and one other.

1 pencil

2 rulers from Academic Superstore
1 post notes from frizzle
4 notepads from jigsaw meeting

1 keychain and cd from K'Nex Education 
2 cds from Typing Instructor
1 cd from Stoneware

And last but definitely not least.......

4 iPad holders
     iGuy from speck

And one cell phone protector set by Amzer
    Shatter Proof Screen Protector & Jelly Case by

Disclaimer: I do not personally back all of these companies, they were just giving me free stuff. I have linked them so that you may know more about each as desired and to give credit back for the wonderful free stuff that I loved collecting.


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