I am amazed often that things that I teach or know to teach are just as applicable and good advice for myself. But how often do we know what we should be doing and take it for granted and "forget" to in essence "practice what we preach"?

Yesterday I presented to iCiL (iConnect iLearn) conference session attendees on Google Drive. I soon realized that I had not anticipated how many attendees would be working off of iPads. I should have known or anticipated this. The only anticipation was that there might be some and I was prepared to say, "I don't know how this will work with iPads".

However, the thing was....they needed answers right then to be able to use and apply what I was sharing. Stink! Knowing my learners or anticipating the needs of my learners!

The nice thing is that I am presenting the same presentation today. The bad thing is that I probably had the fullest room yesterday. The good is that we processed and problem solved yesterday, but many missed out because they had to problem solve verses being able to follow along.

The other "ah-ha"was on reflectiveness. The moments following our presentations (whether in classroom or at conferences) when we think about "how it went" can be very powerful. Powerful, if we let them be powerful. I could say, "Wow, that did not go well I will never do that again." Or I can learn from what did and did not go well and make the changes.

I went home and tweaked my presentation!


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