Return of....

Technology Pricess!
The Technology Princess rides again this weekend!

Her silver steed (Southwest Air) will be mounted (boarded) on Saturday. Until then she is packing her bags and gathering supplies. Excitedly she plans for her return to the ISTE kingdom (convention) and connect with all the other technology princesses and princes.

This year her travels will take her deep into the heart of Texas...well, at least San Antonio.

Upon arrival, the princess will meet up with her traveling partners and head to the merchants (vendors). Haste makes waste, so hasten they will not to see what treasures await. A vast fair (vendor hall) will fill their time and baggage.

Just part is shown, click for the interactive model.

First stop will be to claim the ultimate princess tech-tool, a free device! Check it out here.
11,000 will be given and she has her paperwork! Oh, how exciting to gain such a free object! Maybe fairy tales do come true.

Then she will see what some of her favorite vendors and others have to share with her. Endless adventures await her tech-highness as she carefully maneuvers the fair (floor). She must manage fer time wisely for the midnight bells will toll (it will be closing time).

Be sure to watch for more updates on this storybook (blog) as the adventure begins....


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