The kind of teacher...

I'd like to be the kind of teacher like my hair stylist.

No really, I would. I know that it may sound strange. However, as I was fixing my hair this morning I had these thoughts.

He sees my whole head. My guy, doesn't just see hair and what I would like to do with it. He has an ability to see what would look best on me. I heard my mother-in-law say that he told her, that he cuts the hair and then cuts it to the person's head. 

My guy LOVES what he does. I can tell that he loves his job in everything that he does. He is passionate. He keeps up on latest trends and strategies. There is an excitement in working with our hair. He takes his time to make sure that he does it right. Checks, rechecks, and checks again....and still tells me that if I find something that doesn't work to let him know. Every time that I leave I feel "taken care of", that I was given his best, my time was important to him, and I leave happy.

He "practices what he preaches". He also teaches in his career. If ever I wanted to change careers, I would want him to teach me. I know that what he tells his students is best practice. Not only that he provides that to me. 

When I think about getting my hair "done" I get excited. I look forward to my time. I know that I am well cared for. It is a relaxing and refreshing time. 

And that is the kind of teacher I want to be!


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