Fear and Blogging

In my favorite blog about blogging (Worms in the Fridge), Richard writes about Fear and Blogging. He asks a good and tough question, "What is your social fear?".

I'll be honest here. I have long struggled with the "publicness" of social media. It has taken me a long time to post to certain media tools (Twitter specifically). Sometimes the different tools have different "rules" and audiences and it can become to be very overwhelming. I tend to over think what I am going to post to where I end up not posting.

Richard says the following and I think that it really sums up how I feel about blogging (and really all social media).

"Putting your ideas “out there” for the world to read on your blog is can be a scary thing. Anything can happen after you hit the “post” button and release your ideas into the wild. This is what leads some of us to scale back our ideas, to not reveal everything, or to be too politically correct."
--Fear and Blogging in London...or Las Vegas or....

The first line "putting your ideas "out there" for the world to read...can be a scary thing".  It is scary! Especially when you consider that it is OUT THERE! Anyone and everyone (depending on your sharing settings) can see it. It is out there forever. Did you know that the Library of Congress has started to archive tweets on Twitter? Check out the article here.

I "preach" the negative with my college students. I want to make sure that I get across that they need to THINK before they post. We have to think before we post.

However, I've also started to talk about the benefits. Benefits of connecting and building a personal learning network. Benefits of using the tools that students are using to enrich and entice learning. Using the tools that parents are using to promote communication and connectedness.

So now to just take the final advise of Richard to heart....
"...put your ideas out there and overcome your fear of what people will say."

That is my goal with this blog, with my postings on social media. I want to put my ideas out there and overcome my fear of what people will say! May it be a challenge to you as well. We have important ideas to share....lessons that we have learned....resources to share....and much more!

What do you have to overcome to be able to share socially?


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